Benefits of Camera Drain Inspection

  • Posted on: 7 February 2017
  • By: admin

Whether you have owned your home for years, or are planning to buy one, there are many benefits of using a sewer camera to inspect a drainage system. It is way advantageous to have a drain camera inspection other than making speculations. A plumber will guide you on how to do it. Here are the top advantages of having a sewer camera inspection:

Detect clogged or damaged points
A sewer camera helps in determining the exact point of damage or the presence of a clog. In case your drain is not flowing smoothly, then you need to consider sewer camera inspection. If you decide to go without it and rather opt for guesswork, you may end up wasting a lot of your time. Thus, talk to your plumber so that you can arrange on how to have the inspection done.

Ascertain that a clog has been removed
After completing drain repair, it is advisable to use a sewer drain camera. It verifies whether the substance that was causing the blockage at a particular section has been eliminated. It also confirms whether or not the drain is now in good condition. The client has the opportunity of seeing for himself as the camera goes through the sewer. This ensures accountability on the technician’s side.

Know the kind of pipes used
Before drain repair or any other kind of work is done to a sewer line, it is vital to establish the kind of pipe down there. Some of the piping systems were put decades ago, and no records of them were kept. When the plumber is aware of the type of pipes used, they can make the right choices when fixing the systems. Also, when buying a home, it is vital for you to know the type of pipe used as it affects the durability of the sewer-line.

Locate hidden pipes
Sewer systems may be having pipes all over. Identifying where these pipes are is not an easy task. With the help of a sewer camera, one can determine the exact location of the underground pipes, without having to dig up laws or wall sections.

Detect problem areas
You need not wait for a problem to arise for you to fix them. With the help of a drain camera, you can tell the spots that are likely to get damaged or develop clogs. Once you have identified the possible trouble areas, you can call a plumber to fix it before damage occurs.

Inspect new sewer lines
Before a new system is cleared for use, the plumbing company should ensure that all is well with the pipes and other connections. Such an inspection can be achieved using a sewer line inspection camera.

Sewer line inspection has made it easier to prevent and fix sewer line problems at a low cost. Therefore, if you have not considered having a sewer camera inspection, do so as soon as you can.

Image Credit: HudsonFalcons