When to Call an Air Conditioner Repair Specialist

  • Posted on: 15 May 2017
  • By: admin

As winter's chill gives way to warm spring and summer, it's time to test out your HVAC system. This whole-house appliance is one of the most important tools to keep your family comfortable during the warmer months. It does go without use for many weeks, however, which can cause issues as you fire it up. Take a look at certain scenarios when you should call an air conditioner repair specialist.

Outdoor Fan Not Rotating

From the moment that you activate air conditioners, they should roar into life without any hesitation. Listen to your system as it activates so that any issues are caught right away. If you hear a hum from the outdoor unit, verify that the fan is rotating. That humming noise may emanate from the fan being stuck in place. Immediately shut the system off, and call the professionals.

Several, failed parts can be issues in this case. The fan's bearing may have seized, or the power capacitor failed to move energy to the fan's motor. All of these scenarios require a professional's help so that the parts can be evaluated and changed as necessary.

Hot Air Moving Through Vents

On a hot day, the last thing you need is hot air moving through the home. A well-maintained air conditioner will produce cool air almost immediately upon activation. Place your hand close to one vent in order to verify the air's temperature. It should feel cool to the touch.

When hot air is present, travel back to the thermostat. The problem may be a flicked switch from "auto" to "fan." Air conditioning needs the "auto" feature to operate effectively. If the switch isn't the issue, professionals must evaluate the refrigerant levels. Tubes carrying this pressurized liquid between the indoor and outdoor units can reach low levels at times. Repair technicians can recharge the refrigerant, and create cool breezes once again.

Indoor Temperatures Don't Match Thermostat Setting

You have cool air, but it might be too cold for your needs. The thermostat is set to a comfortable setting too. Allow the professionals to test your temperature sensors. These components may be out of calibration or broken outright. A wiring issue might also be involved as they become detached and improperly connected by unauthorized people.

Air conditioner repairs for temperature settings are normally isolated to the indoor unit. During this service, the experts will often clean and check other components at the same time. A complete, function test is necessary to fix the temperature issue.

Ideally, keep an HVAC specialist on your call list so that you can benefit from the help throughout the year. Consider tuneup appointments even when the system isn't being actively used. With consistent care, the air conditioning should work without fail every time you switch it on. More online resources are available at Climate Experts.